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The Wonder Kid

22 Nov 2017 - 20:18

72, Greece, 2017

Director: Yiorgos Panteleakis
Screenplay: Yiorgos Panteleakis
Cinematographer: Yiorgos Panteleakis
Editor: Yiorgos Panteleakis
Producer:  Independent Greek Cinema
 Distribution/Sales: Yiorgos Panteleakis, panteleakis@live.com
The story of a Greek Boxer “The Wonder Kid” from Greece, after a terminal injury, towards the 2016 Olympic games.A close look at the unique Boxing style father and son have created.Watch AIBA’s President Dr Ching Wu, on one of his rare interviews, presenting his bold, controversial and innovative landmark decision to establish AIBA’s own professional league, changing the Boxing scene forever.An avant-garde, highly conceptual, action packed doc incorporating visually the jazz musicians working for the score.

155 Sold,2012
Festivals and Awards:
19th Thessaloniki International Doc Film Festival

Story Code: 2757

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