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Song in the night

68, Spain, 2016
Song in the night
 Director: Hernan Talavera
Screenplay: Hernan Talavera
Cinematographer:  Hernan Talavera
Editor: Hernan Talavera
Producer:  Hernan Talavera
 Distribution/Sales: Hernan Talavera, contacto@hernantalavera.com
 When Hernán and Marta have to spend a long, snowy winter apart, they search for a creative way to stay in each other’s lives. He starts collecting random thoughts and putting together a video diary in an attempt to use art to fill the holes in the fabric of their lives. For their intimacy to survive, he has to patiently and carefully observe the textures and sounds of nature, of buildings, of people he meets, until the foreign environment starts to become familiar. Like a piece of music that develops from one movement to the next, the film—fueled by a deep longing— grows and develops, as the observations, originally meant only for the eyes of a far-off loved one, begins to turn into honest self-observation.
Four postcards to Marta,2015
In memoriam,2005
Festivals and Awards:
- Special Mention. V Ituzaingó International Film Festival FECI (Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2017)
15th FLEXIFF Experimental International Film Festival (Sydney, Australia, 2017)
- 34th Bogocine. Bogotá Film Festival (Bogotá, Colombia, 2017)
- L'Alternativa. 24th Festival de Cinema Independent de Barcelona (Barcelona, Spain, 2017)
CinemaZero Film Festival (Trento, Italy, 2016)
11th Corsica.DOC. Festival du Film Documentaire (Ajaccio, France, 2017)
- Pure Film Festival (St. Petersburg, Russia, 2017)
Story Code: 2754
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