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25, Serbia, 2016
Director: Miloš Tomić, Gregor Zupanc, Igor Simić, Jelena Milunovic
Screenplay: Gregor Zupanc ,Jelena Milunovic
Cinematographer:   Milos Tomic, Jelena Milunovic,
Editor: Stanko Milovanovic
Producer:  Miloš Ivanović
Distribution/Sales: Walter Nagy ,walter@dokweb.net
Radiovision is an animated documentary, that brings to life stories buried in the archives of one of the oldest public radio stations in Europe - Radio Belgrade. Creative team roamed through the archives of audio interviews recorded from 1950s – 1990s and found magnificent stories that bring out the everlasting messages of love, honesty and dedication. Nine stories, told by some of the greatest writers, artists and intellectual minds that lived in Serbia and Yugoslavia throughout 40-year long history, are visualized by young Serbian illustrators, animators and visual artists.
Miloš Tomić:
2005, Clay Pigeon
2007, Spitted by Kiss
2007, Plastic Bags
2010, Pigeon's Milk
Gregor Zupanc:
1998, K.A.K
2003, Cave
2009, Mediteran
Igor Simić
2013, The Thinker in the Supermarket
2014, Cost-Benefit-Love
2015, Our Guardians [a little homage
Jelena Milunovic
2011, Dwarf in the camera
2012, Anamorphosis
2013, Man without shadow
2016, Distances are overcome
Festivals and Awards: Montenegro Film Festival
Arpa International Film Festival
European Animated Film Festival
Kraljevksi Filmski Festival

Story Code: 2753
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