Wednesday 22 November 2017 - 19:04

Me Montage

22, Afghanistan- Netherlands, 2017
Me Montage
Director: Dawood Hilmandi
Screenplay: Dawood Hilmandi
Cinematographer:  Dawood Hilmandi
Edit: Dawood Hilmandi
Producer:  Dawood Hilmandi
Distribution/Sales: Dawood Hilmandi, info@dawoodhilmandi.com
The filmmaker’s mental journey through memories and encounters in different times and places – Afghanistan, Iran, Turkey, France, and the Netherlands. A cinematic space consisting of fragments and reflections, a non-space where reliving the past and meeting with your dear ones is a way to challenge the present.
Bekhawy (short 2008)
Bachesh (short2009)
Arvacska (short2010)
2087 (short2011)
AJourneyintozerospace (Tryptic-63min2017-2018)
  Festivals and Awards:
 oberhausen  Film Festival ,Germany 

Story Code: 2751
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