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"Cinema Verite" Iran International Documentary Film Festival
"Cinema Vérité" Iran International Documentary Film Festival
10th -17th Dec 2017

The festival tries to express the relationship between reality and truth though documentary films.
Documentary & Experimental Film Center (DEFC) organizes "Cinema Vérité" Iran International Documentary Film Festival from 10th to 17th Dec 2017
In Tehran, Iran.
1-International Competition
     (Short Documentaries)
2- International Competition
    (Mid-Length Documentaries)
3- International Competition
    (Full Length Documentaries0
4- Special Screenings
5- Portrait
6- Our Universe
7- Mirror of a festival
8- Panorama
9- Workshop
10- Doc Market
International Competition:
The international competition consists of three sections:
Up to 30 minutes (Short Competition Section)
30 to 60 minutes (Mid-Length Competition Section)
Longer than 60 minutes (Full-Length Competition Section)
The Eligible Documentaries:
Produced after January 2016
All formats and subjects.

Non-Competitive Section:
All the documentaries in all lengths, formats, and subjects produced before 2015 are eligible to participate in "Special, Tribute, Retrospective and Panorama sections” which is non-competitive .
The deadline for entry is July 15, 2017.
Required materials:
  • - A fully completed and signed entry form
    - A brief synopsis
    - CV and a complete filmography of the director
    - Stills and a photo of the director(digital,300DPI,JPG is preferred)
    - Press materials(credits, electronic press kit, press book, poster, etc)
    - DVD must be sent by mail or EMS (TNT, DHL...), please specify “No Commercial value, for Cultural Purpose only”, (declaring a value less than 20 us $).
All materials should be sent to the festival office:
No.15, Ghandi(PALIZI) Sq, Shariati ave,
Tehran, Iran
Tel: +98-21-88511326
Fax: +98-21-88528315
Emails: int@defc.ir, naderi@defc.ir
Website: www.defc.ir
Shipping and Insurance:
The screening formats will be returned after the festival to the address given on entry form. The shipping cost to Tehran, Iran must be paid by the sender; return shipping cost will be paid by the festival. In case of loss or damage, the responsibility of the festival is limited to covering the costs for the replacement of the print.
The international Jury will award the following prizes:
1. Best documentary longer than 60 mins: 5000 Dollars, Diploma, and Trophy of the festival
2. Best documentary 30 mins up to 60 mins: 4000 Dollars, Diploma, and trophy of
the festival 
3. Best documentary up to 30 mins: 3000 Dollars, Diploma, and Trophy of
the festival
4. Special Jury prize: 2000 Dollars, Diploma, and Trophy of the festival 
The festival invites those filmmakers whose films have been selected for one of the above mentioned sections. The festival can afford only accommodation and food costs.
Story Code: 1667
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