Saturday 19 December 2015 - 11:49
Shirin Naderi

Hope for a Busy Film Market

(Head of the International Department and Marketing of Documentary and Experimental Film Center/Member of the Selecting Board of the International section of Cinéma Vérité Festival)
Hope for a Busy Film Market
We thought that this year's Film Market of the Cinéma Vérité Festival could be a suitable platform for information exchange between documentarians and distributors due to the limited number of companies active in selling documentary films in comparison to feature films in Iranian cinema. In this situation, the Film Market prepares the ground for those active in documentary cinema, from directors to producers or even organizations and institutions, to have interaction with Iranian and international distributors. This year we sent the name list and email addresses of all the guests present at the Film Market to all the people active in the documentary cinema and directors who have movies at the national competition section to make it easier for them for getting in touch with the guests.
This year we invited nearly 40 foreign guests. Some of them are part of the jury boards. Others are directors and a number of guests have been recommended to us by EDN for giving presentations at the workshops. The latter group is made of mostly buyers or people interested in joint productions with Iranians or working with TV channels. Even though this year's edition of the festival is being held near Christmas holidays, but we were able to invite most of the people that we had in mind and they accepted our invitation. A number of the foreign guests of this year's festival are coming from different festivals or they are managers of international festivals or renowned artists on the international stage. That is why I predict that this year's Film Market would result in better outcomes.          
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