Saturday 19 December 2015 - 11:29

Professional Work Distribution Essential in Documentary Filmmaking

Mostafa Razzagh Karimi (Documentary Filmmaker)
Professional Work Distribution Essential in Documentary Filmmaking
If we look at documentary cinema as an industry and highlight its media aspect, we should pay enough attention to the professional work distribution. Of course there maybe some exceptions; some films are made by one camera and by one person alone due to special conditions. We accept these exceptions and the fact that there are some documentaries that are made this way. It is possible to make a valuable film by a mobile phone but we don't recommend it as a mainstream pattern for documentary production. Therefore, specialties should be given high importance in documentary cinema that is a very professional job.
Documentaries enjoy great capacity for screening and a sufficient number of theaters should be allocated to them. Of course this should be done gradually. Expansion of the audience realm, achieved through selection of appropriate films, would be surely effective in finding serious spectators in movie theaters. Three of four years ago and during a special period of time, the Iranian Documentary Filmmakers Association screened documentaries at Azadi Cinema and those films absorbed a higher number of spectators in comparison to the feature films. The most important thing is to move forward based on a clear and step-by-step plan.   
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