Saturday 19 December 2015 - 11:26

Social Filmmaker Shouldn't Wait for Events to Happen

Mojtaba Raie (Director & Screenwriter)
Social Filmmaker Shouldn
A social film could be made in a good way or poorly; in case it is made poorly, it is of no use. For instance, a film could be made about Daesh that is a bad one and is therefore of no use. So, we should make good films in different fields, especially at a time when having a serious documentary cinema is one of the signs of development. We have selected a very appropriate name for this cinema: "Cinéma Vérité." It is a very serious name for a committed documentary cinema that is expected to show us a very exact and real image, enabling us to discover ourselves and as a result choose our future way better. If the filmmaker does not want to find a direction and wait for the events to happen, he or she is making a mistake because it is not clear how those events would take place. Therefore the filmmaker should have a direction but that should be in line with Cinéma Vérité or better to say the filmmaker should not fall into the reality diversion trap.
We need to tell our youngsters to talk freely and honestly with us. When he or she did that, we could also talk honestly with them. I think many of our youth love their country and people. They only need to be managed more seriously; a defined long-term strategic cultural management. In case we don't have that, we will go through this unfinished route endlessly and we would fail in having a serious and impressive documentary cinema. I hope one day a clear, defined, and long-term management with a cultural horizon better than today is created to make documentary cinema, and as a result culture and art, flourishing.
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