Saturday 19 December 2015 - 10:54

Documentarists Shouldn't Be Too Cautious

Khosrow Sinai (Filmmaker)
Documentarists Shouldn
My advice to the young generation is that you should try to become good filmmakers. Once that happens, the festival themselves will come to you and follow your works. But don't try to participate at the festivals with your first film since that shouldn't be considered as a value. If the interaction between Iranian cinema and the international one is based on a good foundation, then the youngsters know for sure that in case they have made a good film, they would be in the spotlight and their works would be shown at prestigious festivals. During the nearly past 50 years that I have been active in Iranian cinema, whether fiction or documentary, I've witnessed that our cinema is always dependent on individual talents and has ignored making the necessary infrastructures. Until the day that our cinema is dependent on individual talents and essential infrastructures have not been formed, our cinema shines one day and is forgotten the other day.
The social problems should be depicted in the films but when filmmakers do that, they face objections. We all know that in the executive works or issues related to medical issues or hospitals, we have some problems and it is possible that the filmmaker want to raise such matters with people and the official within the framework of a dramatic work.     
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