Sunday 13 December 2015 - 14:18
Co-Director of Beyond the Hills

Adiloglu: Nothing Artificial About Our Film

The Azeri co-director of the film Beyond the Hills, Ramil Adiloglu, has spoken to the DEFC regarding his film and Cinema Verite.
Adiloglu: Nothing Artificial About Our Film
Asked about his film and its selection for this year’s edition of the festival, he said: “"Beyond the Hills" shows a part of life in one family where 3 women and one man live together. We wanted to show another reality of Azerbaijan. The atmospheric silence of life is not at all artificial. I mean there is no artificial, untrue, or dramatized aspect to it.”
Adiloglu said about Cinema Verite: “Elvin told me about Cinema Verite. He says: "Some festivals can't understand deep films. But Cinema Verite is one of the most important festivals in the world. It’s an original and independent festival in Iran.”
Commenting on Iranian documentary cinema, he added: “I know One Land, Five Nations of Mahmoud Shoolizadeh, Sara in Ten Minutes from Sadaf Foroughi, and some other Iranian documentaries. Also This is Not a Film by Jafar Panahi.” 

Asked about what type of film or subject has more international appeal, he added: “Good and deep films don't have borders. But in recent years human reality seems to be more interesting for festivals.”

Beyond the Hills is a documentary about life in the countryside of Azerbaijan.
The 9th edition of Cinema Verite will be held Dec 13-19, 2015, in Tehran.
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