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Bookmanen Co-Director:

Picture of A Man Dedicated To Books

The Norwegian co-director of the film Bokmannen, Fabien Greenberg, has spoken to the DEFC regarding his film and Cinema Verite.
Picture of A Man Dedicated To Books
Asked about her film and its selection for this year’s edition of the festival, she said: “Bokmannen (The book man) is about a young man who runs a second hand book shop in a small town north of Norway, Volda. We follow “Bokammen” in a week of his life at work. In his shop, he reads several books in one day, solves Rubik cubes, plays chess with himself and waits for customers. Days go by! Monday to Sunday - day by day, boredom builds up to extreme heights as words come together and world fall apart. Bokmannen is a film about a man who decided to fulfil his love to books for the best and the worst. With humor and deep respect, we go inside his thoughts where he reveals his feelings. As he says himself, this business would have been a great business 100 years ago…”
Greenberg said about Cinema Verite: “Cinema vérité the festival, we don’t know so much about it! From what we see in the website, it looks like there is very eclectic selection of films. So we are looking very forward to come.” 
commenting on Iranian documentary cinema, he added: “Unfortunatly we haven’t seen so much Iranian documentary films but we are going to work on it right now. Though we do enjoy watching iranian fiction films which are very inspiring for ex. Blackboard (Samira Makhmalbaf), A separation (Asghar Farhadi), Taxi (Panahi)...” 

Asked about what type of film or subject has more international appeal, he said: “.It is difficult to say. It is very diverse selection usually but at the end it is always about human beings, about life...”

Bokmannen (The Bookman) is a documentary about a man named Geir who reads as many as 2000 books. Behind this huge number hides the routine of workdays spent in his bookshop. Static shots from the life of this lonely anti-hero are spliced with insights into his inner world presented through black and white animated sequences of his self-revealing commentary.
The 9th edition of Cinema Verite will be held Dec 13-19, 2015, in Tehran.
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