Sunday 22 November 2015 - 18:13

The Brazilian Dream

The feature-length documentary “The Brazilian Dream” directed by Marcello Pedroso will be screened at the 9th Iran International Documentary Film Festival, Cinema Verite, next month.
The Brazilian Dream
The 82-minute film, produced by Livia Dimeli, has had its international premiere in the Forum section of the Berlin International Film Festival and reflects today's Brazil which has experienced revolution and change in its social structure; but these inconsistencies are facing problems that the country seem to have struggled with throughout its history.
Marcello Pedroso is among the new generation of Brazilian filmmakers who started to work as a documentary maker in 2007 and made the likes of KFZ1348, Pacific and Brasil S/A documentaries.
The 9th Cinema Verite will be held on Dec 13-19, 2015, in Tehran.
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