Monday 16 November 2015 - 16:54
Cinema Verite’s Int’l Line-up Announced

27 Docs, 25 Countries

The selection for Cinema Verite’s International competition section was announced by DEFC.
27 Docs, 25 Countries
27 documentaries from 25 countries will compete in the festival famous Short, Mid-Length and Feature-Length sections.
Here is the line-up for the 9th edition of Iran International Documentary Film Festival, Cinema Verite which will be held Dec 13-19 in Tehran.
 Short Docs: Tyndall (Italy, 2014), This is the Place (Germany, 2014), Beyond the Hills (Azerbaijan, 2015), Starting Point (Poland, 2014), The Shepherd’s Song (Armenia/Poland, 2014), Super Unit (Poland, 2014), Kacey Mottet Klein, Birth of an Actor (Switzerland, 2015), Mother (Hungary, 2015), Os Evadidos (Portugal, 2014), Keeping the Balance (Austria, 2015), One Million Steps (Germany/Turkey, 2015), A Tale of Love, Madness & Death (Chile, 2015).
Mid-Length Docs: Ella Maillart (Switzerland/Italy, 2015), The Chechen Family (Argentina, 2015), Allan, a Man at the Age of Christ (Estonia, 2014), Casa Blanca (Mexico/Poland, 2015), Giano (Italy, 2014), Kabul Cinema (France/Afghanistan, 2015), End of the World (Poland, 2015), Sunakali (Nepal, 2014).
Feature-Length Docs: Surire (Chile/Germany, 2015), 16 Years Till Summer (Scotland/Iceland, 2015), My Love, Don’t Cross That River (South Korea, 2014), Pixadores (Finland/Denmark/Sweden, 2014), I am Belfast (UK, 2015), Not All is Vigil (Spain, 2014), Something Better to Come (Denmark/Poland, 2014).
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