Saturday 14 November 2015 - 14:54
DEFC Brings Them All Together

Hitchcock, Marquez & Marlon Brando in Tehran

Seven highly-acclaimed films will be screened at the Portrait section of the 9th Iran Int’l Documentary Film Festival, Cinema Verite.
Hitchcock, Marquez & Marlon Brando in Tehran
Listen to Me Marlon (Stevan Riley, USA, 2015) yields a unique autobiographical portrait of one of cinema’s greatest actors, Marlon Brando. Hitchcock–Truffaut (Kent Jones, France/USA, 2015) uses original recordings of a meeting between the two giants of cinema to discuss the secrets behind mises-en-scene in cinema. Gabo- The Creation of Gabriel Garcia Marquez (Justin Webster, Spain, 2015) shows How a boy from a backward town on the Caribbean coast became a writer who won the hearts of millions, from the poorest to the most powerful political leaders, and whose works changed our perception of reality.
From Caligari to Hitler (Rudiger Suchsland, Germany, 2014) tells the story of German Cinema in the Twenties between Expressionism and New Sobriety. Following Nazarin (Javier Espada, Mexico/Spain, 2015) goes back to the locations in Mexico where Luis Buñuel filmed Nazarín in 1959. Escaping Riga (Davis Simanis, Latvia, 2014) tells the story of two young boys forced to escape their native city of Riga and later turn out to be among the most extraordinary personalities of the previous century. And finally A Stravinsky Portrait (Richard Leacock/Rolf Lieberman, USA, 1965) gives an intimate view of the twentieth century’s most influential composer at home in California reviewing his work and its evolution with Rolf Liebermann, conducting an orchestra rehearsal in Hamburg, holding a press conference in London, and discussing creativity with his old friend George Balanchine.
The 9th Cinema Verite will be held Dec 13-19 in Tehran.
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