Saturday 14 November 2015 - 09:59
A Reflection of Different Cities in Cinema Verite’s


In a brand new section of next month’s 9th Iran Int’l Documentary Film Festival, Cinema Verite, a selection of films on urban issues will be screened.
The films include Hey Neighbour! (Bingol Elmas, Turkey, 2014), Our Metropolis (Gauatam Sonti/Usha Rao, India, 2014), Casus Belli – On the Paths of Peace (Anne Levy-Morelle, Belgium, 2015), Goodnight Sarajevo (Pilar Traschel-Osoina, Spain/Bosnia, 2014), and Our City (Maria Tarantino, Belgium, 2015).
Goodnight Sarajevo tells the story of the Bosnian journalist Boban Minic and Radio Sarajevo during the siege of the city in the Bosnian War.  Our Metropolis explores the modernisation of the now global city of Bangalore. Our City looks at Brussels, capital city of Belgium, from different angles. Hey Neighbour! describes the relationship between an old single-floor house and her neighbour residence. And Casus Belli – On the Paths of Peace examines the difficult art of bringing human beings in discord back to relative peace.
Another film about Tehran will also be added to the selection.
The 9th Cinema Verite will be held Dec 13-19 in Tehran.
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