Sunday 1 November 2015 - 11:59
African Post-Colonial History in Cinema Verite


In a section titled the Black Continent, five new documentaries about Africa’s post-colonial state and the continent’s social issues will be screened at Cinema Verite 2015.
Elephant’s Dream (Kristof Bilsen, Belgium, 2015), Leaf in the Wind (Jean-Marie Teno, Cameroon/Gabon/France, 2013), The Man Who Mends Women (Thiery Michel & Colette Braekman, Belgium, 2015), A Place for Everyone (Angelos Rallis, Belgium, 2014), Miners Shot Down (Rehad Desai, South Africa, 2014) are the five films to be screened in this section.
The documentary Miners Shot Down recounts the story of protesting miners of Marikana, South Africa, in 2012. The film has been screened at the likes of Zimbabwe, Watch Docs and Big Sky film festivals.
Another documentary of this section titled “Elephant’s Dream” has been part of the official selection at Leipzig, Hot Docs, IDFA and Munich film festivals. It has won the
The 9th Iran Int’l Documentary Film Festival, Cinema Verite, will be held Dec 13-19 in Tehran, Iran.
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