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Manouchehr Tayaab Cut the cake for Cinema Verite 10th Year
The message from "Mohammad Mehdi Tabatabayinejad", secretary of the International Film Festival for 10th Cinema Verite is as follows:
Jury members of the international competition, in 10th Cinema Verite were announced
Saturday 3 December 2016 - 22:19

With 10 films, Germany is the top country in the Cinema Verite

35 countries with 59 documentaries, participate in Cinema Verite. In the international competition, 27 films from 24 countries were accepted.
With 10 films, Germany is the top country in the Cinema Verite
Germany with 6 films; Italy and United States each with 3 Films; France, Britain, Poland, Russia, Switzerland and Colombia each with 2 Films; Spain, Portugal, Turkey, Croatia, Ukraine, Romania, Czech Republic, Scotland, Mexico, Azerbaijan, Latvia, Taiwan, Lebanon, Kazakhstan and Pakistan each with 1 Film participate in international competition of Cinema Verite. There are also filmmakers from 21 countries who participate in non-competition sector of Cinema Verite. Italy and America with 5 documentaries; Germany with 4; Britain, Switzerland, Denmark with 3; France, Norway, Belgium and Taiwan with 2 and Netherlands, Canada, Poland, Turkey, Finland, Taiwan, Serbia, Lithuania, Chile, India and Palestine with 1 documentary participated in secondary categories of Cinema Verite.
In total, the Germans topped with 10 films among countries participating in this event. Second place is for Italy and America with 8 film. Britain and Switzerland with 5 films and France with 4 video are in the next places,
However, in recent years many documentary projects are produced with participation of multiple countries.
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