He continued: The good thing about the presence of cinema affairs in the hearts of the Departments of Culture and Islamic Guidance is that it is not separated from culture, because if it were separated from culture, the commercial, artistic, or media aspect would prevail, although this is evident even now. Many of the damages and problems that exist in the field of cinema are due to the predominance of the non-culture and non-specialized sectors over culture, expertise, and art. Of course, sometimes it is possible that professionals also do unprofessional work.

This cinema director also stated the disadvantages of provincial affairs in the cinema organization: the disadvantage of this department is the organizational structure; Art and cinema assistants in the provinces are busy, especially with the characteristics of art in the present sector, the sound of theater, music, visual arts, individual arts, collective arts, cinema, which has its own stories, speaks of this busyness. On the other hand, many employees of the provincial offices are not present at their posts and are busy with miscellaneous work in the office. When we want to move, we have to rebuild our organization, no thought and thought can be institutionalized without structure and organization.

In the end, the Director General of Legal Affairs, Performance, and Provinces of the Cinema Organization noted: Mohammad Khazaei announced in a meeting that all institutions should have provincial affairs, that is, if in the past only the Iranian Youth Cinema Association had provincial affairs, now Farabi Cinema Foundation and Cinema Development Center should Documentary, experimental and animated also have provincial affairs. This issue comes back to the fact that the provinces provide their beds. I hope that holding this meeting will be sincere, free, and creative, on the other hand, interaction and communication will be formed from the provinces. We should also increase this communication at the international level to become a network.

In another part of this meeting, Asghar Farsi, the vice president of the development of management and resources of the cinema organization, said: "We are all from the city, so we have a special bias towards it, there are good talents in the city that need to be discovered." In 1401, compared to 1400, the cinema organization has only been able to increase its budget by three percent, but we have tried to divide the same minimum among the provinces. In addition to this budget and the minimums we have, there is a special focus on the provinces so that we can use and apply the facilities of other institutions, synergies, and credits that exist in different fields.

He continued: Our friends have made a special effort in organizing the systems and infrastructure of the cinema organization, including connecting the organization's systems to the portals of the government and business, as well as increasing the improvement that the infrastructure should have. On the other hand, we have paid special attention to the effectiveness and improvement of the process and redefining the regulations and instructions so that we can do our job in the best way, that is why when you refer to the systems, there are not many problems, on the other hand, if you face problems Some may be due to lack of user knowledge and some may be due to infrastructure.

In the end, Farsi pointed out: cinema faced a serious interruption during the Corona era, that's why we are trying to provide facilities or loans with very low interest or with special conditions of free loans and using Note 18 to revive them.