According to the news headquarters of  16th Iran International Documentary Film Festival CinemaVerite, Amin Lotfi Shahpari, the director of the documentary " Mother's Satisfaction ", who has applied to participate in the 16th edition of International Documentary Film Festival " CinemaVerite " ,Iran, told Soreh Cinema about this film: Atar and the publication of the values ​​of the sacred defense of Hamadan province and the radio and television of this province, which tells the story of a family that has been struggling with the distance of their child for years, and we witness the homesickness of the mother of this family, who is still a hot presence among the members of this family after years have passed. has and has not been forgotten.

He continued: This documentary shows the life of a mother who does not return to her child's home during the blind years of holy defense, and this distant mother has endured her child all these years and has not yet forgotten her absence. "Mother's Satisfaction" is made in the interview and first-person narration style, and the audience will be surprised at the end of the story.


The director of " Mother's Satisfaction " said about the time it took to make this film: We didn't have a long research period for this documentary, and after reading the book and field research on this topic, and after nearly a month, we started filming.



He continued: Of course, I must say that the way of production and filming in the films I make is such that we do not film all the work in one place and always after several filming sessions, I postpone the next sessions for a few more days. Even during the editing of the film, I try to pay attention to the script and sequences again in interrupted time intervals and even make changes if needed. The reason for this construction method is that I believe that the result of this film is more mature and attractive. In the end, the filming of this documentary took eight sessions, which were not connected.

In response to the question of whether he faced any challenges in the making of " Mother's Satisfaction ", Lotfi Shahperi said: Considering that we needed an archive of films related to that era to make this documentary, and we spent some time to get the We watched movies with decent quality.


This documentary maker also explained the importance of archival sources: the archive is a treasure that will be passed on to future generations after us, and neglecting this matter is irreparable because many filmmakers make films about the contemporary history of the country, for which an archive of films and photos is needed. They have that era, but unfortunately, they do not have good resources at their disposal. For this reason, I think there should be a fundamental thought to improve the archival resources that are available to filmmakers because these archives are our visual heritage for posterity.


In the end, this director said about the "Cinema Verite" festival: " Cinema Verite " festival is a paradise for Iranian documentary filmmakers and I hope it will be promoted to the point where its reputation is heard more than now in the international community. I think that during the festival if people with different views and ideas can talk together and present their opinions with their films, we can witness positive events. Also, since very good filmmakers from the cities are present at this festival and it can be said that the cities are also strong in this field, I hope that the film shops and educational classes of the festival will not be limited to the days of the festival and will continue.


The characters of the documentary film " Mother's Satisfaction " are writer and director: Amin Lotfi, producer: Mohammad Reza Oghani, lighting and photographer: Amirhossein Ghafari, editing: Hamidarshadi and Amin Lotfi, sound operator: Hossein Zahouri and Hamidrostami, studio sound operator: Davoud Ghamarzadeh. Narrator's voice: Mehdi Kaushari Yeganeh, flashback cameraman: Ali Ranjbar, poster: Hassan Parzad, color correction: Hamid Ershadi, photo and film archive: Javad Bagheri, Amir Abaiy and Majid Moradi, produced in Hamedan center's radio and television in cooperation with the General Department of Antiquities Preservation Publications of the sacred defense of Hamadan province.