According to the news headquarters of 16th Iran International Documentary Film Festival “CinemaVerite” Meysam Gholami, a documentary filmmaker, said about the screening of the documentary film "In Search of a Soldier" that was screened in the martyr Avini section of the 15th edition of the "Cinema Verite" festival.

 It was first screened in Delfan city of Lorestan province, which is the burial place of the unknown martyr of the documentary subject, and then it was screened in the center of Lorestan province with the presence of military and national officials. Then, " Cinema Verite " was screened in Martyr Avini section and became one of the most visited films of this section. After attending the festival, we planned to broadcast the documentary on TV.

He continued about the status of the release of documentary films. When a documentary film is produced for a platform like television, it will have a large audience. But when the documentary is made for releasing in cinemas, it is natural that a smaller audience will watch the film. Not all documentary films can be played on TV. Undoubtedly, the problem of screening is considered a big problem in documentary cinema.

He also added: One of the best ways to attract people and make them interested in watching documentary films is to create awareness. People should know why documentary is important and what is the mission of the documentary maker, and through this discourse and awareness, people can be encouraged to watch the films..


Gholami said about the position of "Cinema Verite" festival in the field of documentary cinema: Attending the " Cinema Verite " festival is a dream for many documentary makers, and this festival should not underestimate its position in any way. In this festival, we see the presence of different thoughts, which causes a flow of exchange of ideas, and this shows the intellectual nature of the trustees and directors of this film event. The " Cinema Verite " festival welcomes various films with different worldviews and attitudes, and it is considered the best domestic event in the field of documentary cinema, and it must maintain its practice.

He said about the online releasing of the films of this period of the festival: Undoubtedly, the online screening of the films of this period of the festival is considered a good thing, but my suggestion is that the trustees of the festival should make arrangements so that simultaneously with the festival being held in the festival house, the films are shown in cinemas. to be released in different cities. Because watching a movie on the silver screen feels very different from watching it online.


Gholami stated: In my opinion, one of the most important elements in the category of documentary films is narrating the truth. For example, if I am the judge of the " Cinema Verite " festival, in my opinion, films that are true are more important than those that express an issue in the form of truth and stage a topic with actors, make-up and multiple impressions.


In the end, he added: I hope the guardians of the documentary field will not abandon the oppressed filmmakers of this field. Spiritual support for a documentary maker is even more valuable than material support and motivates him. As a result, I hope that the trustees will follow up on the status and films of documentaries throughout the year.