According to the news headquarters of 16th Iran International Documentary Film Festival “CinemaVerite” Hamidreza Jafarian, the head of the Soreh Cinema Organization of the artistic field, said about the policy of the Soreh Cinema Organization to support documentary filmmakers and the public releasing of their films.  In the new area of the activity of the Soreh Cinema Organization, one of the important policies in the field we have followed is the distribution and screening of cinematographic films, shaping and strengthening the integrated chain of distribution of works and creating the diversity of distribution to support different types of films. Based on this, in the first step, we created the broadcast of "Germination" with the aim of paying special attention to young filmmakers and special films, which will create an opportunity for young filmmakers to be seen and experience the screening.

Jafarian mentioned that: the purpose of "Germination" broadcasting is to support films that have less chance to be seen in cinemas in the professional distribution space and added: These works include documentaries, short films, and works produced by young filmmakers, which normally enter the professional stream is not broadcast in the cinema.

This manager further stated: Now this possibility is being formed and with the mechanism that our colleagues follow in the Surah Broadcasting Office, this will happen soon. Filmmakers interested in participating in this project can submit their requests to this office.


In another part of his speech, the head of the Soreh Film Organization explained the impact of the "Cinema-Verite" festival on the development of documentary cinema: I was interested in documentary cinema from the past, and therefore I always followed the "Cinema Verite" festival. Therefore, I must say that the "Cinema Verite" festival is definitely an important and influential event.  Especially in the last one or two periods, when more attention has been paid to the variety of genres of films that were accepted in the competition section, as a result, in my opinion, this event has become more important and serious than in the past because it has been more influential in directing the flow of documenting in the country.

Jafarian continued: In the past, we saw that a certain type of documentary was seen and discussed in this festival, as a result, the audience of the festival was more limited. But when we look at the recent periods, the festival has tried to become more inclusive and attract a wider circle of documentary filmmakers and documentary cinema enthusiasts. It can be said that this is a tangible difference these years and it is a reason to be happy.


He asked whether special support has been provided by the Soreh Cinema Organization for the winners of the "Cinema Verite" festival or not. He stated: In order to support the top filmmakers and the talents that can be seen in the "Cinema Verite" festival, we do not have any other systematic mechanism except the "Germination" platform that I explained about earlier, but the Soreh documentary center must have monitored the festival and with talented and interested documentary filmmakers enter into interaction and dialogue. In addition, if these people have suggestions for producing a documentary, they can raise and develop it with the Soreh documentary center.

In the end, the head of the Soreh cinema organization said: In addition to the aforementioned programs, we will hold the 13th edition of the 100 Film Festivals in the coming year, which is one of the parts of this festival, documentary cinema, and this is possible through this event is also available for those interested in documentary cinema with very short works in this field to try their luck for success and being seen.