According to the news headquarters of  16th Iran International Documentary Film Festival “Cinema Verite”  Masoud Mir, a documentary filmmaker and journalist whose his film has been submitted to 16th Iran International Documentary Film Festival Cinema Verite with the  documentary film " Ali Musyo ", said briefly about how this film: I must say that  this film was a personal concern, in fact, my acquaintance with “Ali Musyo” happened very by chance and after that it became a personal concern as to why I don't know anything about this character and then with the researches that I did I came to the conclusion that many people who are not even strangers to the constitutional history and the constitutional revolution do not have much information about Ali Musyo and the work started from here and finally with the cooperation of  Documentary, Experimental and Animation Film Center, which agreed to this project. Kurd, the story of making "Ali Musyo" has officially started.



This filmmaker said about the duration of the production and the research process of the project: pre-production has been started since 2016, however, I had a trip to Tabriz around 2013 or 2014, and there I know about Ali Musyo, and I was somehow concerned about getting to know this character. At that time, Ali Musyo's house museum had just opened and I gradually started researching about him and I by looking at newspapers and books, I found small details about him, until almost in 1998, knowing this character became a concern. It became serious for me, so I decided to do something for Ali Musyo, and about a year later, this issue was presented to center in the form of a plan. The project started seriously in 2019, and we went through a 6-month intensive research period during that period.



This journalist further emphasized: But I have to mention one thing about the film, and that is that until the last day of shooting, we were engaged in discovery, which means that we could not tell the story of Ali Musyo with a definite and certain fact.  For example, in the middle of the film, we came to the certainty that the place named Ali Musyo 's house, nationally registered and opened, was not the house of this character at all. I mean, we made the historical discoveries during the project. For example, his death, which in every book and historical document is mentioned as accident at the age of 44, was not accepted by our research group until we found new signs. It is not an exaggeration if I say that even in the editing stage; we were retouching ourselves, because the essence of the story of Ali Musyo, who was the leader of an occult center, was that it had many neglected, unsaid and hidden points.


 Massoud Mir said about the hardships during the production of the film: The construction of this project started at the same time as the days of Corona, and despite having a letter of introduction from center, we had problems even for accommodation in Tabriz. This project, despite all its difficulties, was finally completed last year.



This documentary filmmaker said about an impact of the archival sources on the creation of historical projects like " Ali Musyo ": Let me say another thing, that we documentary filmmakers should take a step forward ourselves, I mean, for example, the easiest thing for me was to citing the same 5 or 6 books in which Ali Musyo is mentioned, I was only making a documentary in which I said that his children were killed on the day of Ashura and he himself died at the age of 44, but what I am saying is that the group of documentary filmmakers are people of culture and history. Negar must take a step forward and from somewhere we can finally fix our historical weakness. Now how do we do this? My answer is that we should not be satisfied with what we see, because we are actually preparing the same document and proofs with our own documentary that will probably be referred to by future generations a century later, so we must go the right way.


In the end, this documentary filmmaker said about the importance of Iran International Documentary Film Festival" Cinema Verite ", which is about to be held: "First of all, we have to accept " Cinema Verite " and a festival that is related to documentary cinema, as a rule, the gender of its audience is more specific, and this is not related to Iran, but it is the same in the world. Is; You can easily compare the number of people interested in finding tickets to the Berlin Film Festival with IDFA in the Netherlands. I mean, in a way, the documentary festival is putting up a sign saying I'm not for the public and we have to deal with that. The second point is that, in my opinion, despite the ups and downs that it has had, the "Cinema Verite" has established its vertical tent in the right place.



Mir continued: in spite of having good, ordinary and weak periods, but in any case, the format and verticality of this tent has been built correctly, and my suggestion for improving the festival is that it is better to have special sections such as The Corona era should be added to this artistic event, so that later, when the sixteenth period of the festival is looked at, everyone will know how the documented situation of Iran was in 2022.