Editor of Hamshahri Newspaper’s Sport desk Amir Mohammad Yaqubpour believes that Iranian sports documentaries should go towards innovation, novel narratives and captivate to attract  their audience.

He added the Iranian sport documentaries are very interesting for the foreign audience.

He noted that the recent sports documentary that has been seen a lot in the world is a work about the atmosphere of the dressing room of different football teams.

Yaqubpour underscored that this documentary series, which has had different seasons, was present in the locker room with the players of teams such as Chelsea, Tottenham, etc., and recorded memorable and attractive images for its audience.

He added that for sure these works, which are produced with good quality, also receive a good budget for the production of their work, which is a very important point, which unfortunately is a bit difficult in Iran.

He said in addition to expecting to witness a different narrative from a sports event, are also interested in watching new and attractive images that can fascinate them.