By the end of the fourth day of n the 15th edition of the Iran International Documentary Film Festival also known as “Cinema Verite" which is currently underway in Tehran, a new record was set by recording more than 52,000 views on the festival's online website.

By the end of 24 hours on Monday (Iranian local time), the documentaries of this edition of the festival  have received more than 52,000 views from this international cinematic event.

As per the statistics received from the online management of the festival and in comparison with the fourteenth edition of the event, the record of watching the film at the end of the fourth day has been broken.

Opened in Tehran on Dec 9, the festival is slated to be wrapped up on Dec 16, 2021.

The Documentary and Experimental Film Centre (DEFC) organizes the annual Iran International Documentary Film Festival.

The festival has several sections including National, International, Martyr Lieutenant General Qassem Soleimani Award, Martyr Avini Prize, Special Screenings, Portrait, Mirror of a festival, Focus on a country, Panorama, Workshop, and Doc Market.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the major Iranian international festival for documentary films are being held with a limited number of guests and audience at Tehran’s Charsu Cineplex.