Iranian Government Spokesman Ali Bahadori Jahromi voiced the Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi’s enthusiasm to watch documentary films.

Bahadori Jahromi made the remarks while touring the 15th edition of the Iran International Documentary Film Festival also known as “Cinema Verite" currently underway in Tehran.

"In most cases, the government is fully aware of the harms displayed in documentaries,” he said, adding that we would witness a better event if the cinema Verite filmmakers try to propose solutions along with displaying the society problems. He, who came to the festival to watch the documentary "Children of the Earth" directed by Mikael Diani, spoke about the impact of documentary cinema and especially the Cinema Verite in the current society.

“Documentary cinema also shows problems and dilemmas that have been neglected or its solutions that have been ignored,” Bahadori Jahromi said.

In another part of his speech, in response to the question whether Mr. President pursues documentary cinema and especially the Cinema Verite Film Festival, he said: "I do not know Cinema Verite in particular, but definitely he is interested in watching the documentarians," he added.