Cinéma Vérité to screen Frederick Wiseman’s 2020 doc “City Hall”
“Wintopia” to be realized at Cinéma Vérité
“Cinema Verite” to hold master classes attended by acclaimed Iranian, foreign cinematic figures
Entrepreneurship Documentary Competition, a wise section of “Cinema Verite” in Iran
Online Format of “Cinema Verite”, a Cultural Necessity at Current Situation
Kiasalar: Corona in “Cinema Verite” a first-hand narration of self-sacrifice, empathy
“Glauber, Claro” to be displayed in Iran’s “Cinema Verite”
“The Other One” to be displayed in Cinema Vérité
Hamidi-Moqaddam: We want to raise documentary cinema flag
Cinéma Vérité to screen Cannes winner “Cordillera of Dreams”
Cinema Vérité to review world’s top docs
Cinéma Vérité to review famous Chilean documentaries
Monro’s “Kubrick by Kubrick” to be screened in Cinéma Vérité
Portrait of "Mohammad Mulse", acclaimed director of Arab cinema at “Cinema Verite”
Hannah Pollack to hold a master class on "Documentary Crisis" at Verite Cinema
Pitching session in “Cinema Verite”
Participation of women documentarians in Verite Film Festival up 22.6%
871 works submitted to “Cinema Verite”
Tehran to host “Cinema Verite” presided by Hamidi-Moqadam